The Space Cat

The Space Cat
Written by Nnedi Okorafor
Illustrated by Tana Ford
Publisher: First Second Books (pub date TBA)
Age Range: Everyone

Coming Soon:

The Space Cat

A graphic novel by the team that brought you the Eisner and Hugo Award-winning graphic novel LaGuardia

Periwinkle is the cat of writer Nnedi Okorafor and Anyaugo Okorafor. An oriental shorthair cat, Periwinkle looks somewhat alien with his huge bat-like ears, big blue eyes, cinnamon bun stripes, a long svelte body made for running and an equally long strong tail. His alter ego is Space Cat the Cat Explorer (reminiscent of Snoopy and the Red Baron, except Periwinkle’s travels are real).
His favorite food is chicken fillet, he loves to stargaze, he love/hates Owlie (a stuffed animal), he uses robots for all his needs (a litter robot, a robot feeder, even a robot friend who charges itself) except hugs and scritches, and, unlike a famous cat we all know, Periwinkle loves Mondays. He’s a cat with a sharp voice, strong and confident, yet simple philosophy about life, space, and family and a piercing point of view.
One day, his Human (TheNnedi) uproots Periwinkle and her 12-year-old daughter TheAnyaugo to spend a year in a small, but active town in southeastern Nigeria named Kaleria. It’s known for its mangos and being the only place in Nigeria where one can find a Tesla Supercharger. TheNnedi brings them here so she can write a novel. And this is when the adventure and fun really begins because Nigerian human beings do not like cats very much…and there might be aliens here. 

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