Ngozi’s adventures begin with “Blessing in Disguise”, a short story in the Venomverse: War Stories anthology. In this alternative universe, Ngozi (the name means “blessing”) is a 15-year-old Nigerian girl living in Lagos, Nigeria. She used to be an athlete. However, two years ago, she was disabled in a danfo (shared minibus-sized taxis in Lagos) accident. Now, she’s paralyzed from the waist down. Her wheelchair isn’t the best because that’s all her parents can afford.

Ngozi is homeschooled by her typically too busy parents because since the accident, they are afraid to let her out into the fast-paced quagmire that is Lagos Life. Ngozi spends most of her time on her phone watching old Kung Fu movies on youtube (because she loves Kung Fu) and nature channel shows (because she loves bugs and birds). Ngozi lives more in her head these days, but that hasn’t affected her extremely strong will. On the day it all happens, she’s feeling especially low and isolated. She rolls outside to watch the open-air market across the road…and to catch a rather spectacular grasshopper that has landed on her windowsill. When she goes outside, her life changes forever.

After some extreme circumstances, including the death of T’Challa, Ngozi teams up with the alien symbiotic organism Venom and finds herself the interim Black Panther of Wakanda. Needless to say, it’s more (and less) than what she could have imagined.

In the Marvel one-shot, “Under the Bridge” (February 2018), Ngozi returns to Lagos with Venom for her favorite auntie’s wedding. She quickly finds out that home needs her just as much as Wakanda.