Nnedi’s works include WHO FEARS DEATH (in development at HBO into a TV series), the BINTI novella trilogy (optioned and in development with Media Res), THE BOOK OF PHOENIX, the NSIBIDI SCRIPTS SERIES and LAGOON. She is the winner of Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Locus and Lodestar Awards and her debut novel ZAHRAH THE WINDSEEKER won the prestigious Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature.

Nnedi has also written an Africanfuturist comic series LAGUARDIA (winner of the Hugo and Eisner Award); comics for Marvel, including BLACK PANTHER: LONG LIVE THE KING and WAKANDA FOREVER (featuring the Dora Milaje) and the SHURI series;Β  and her short memoir LAGUARDIA.

Nnedi holds a PhD (literature) and two MAs (journalism and literature). She lives with her daughter Anyaugo and family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nnnedi Okorafor and Neptune

"Let the reader beware that there is juju in this book."

- The Obi Library Collective, Akata Warrior

Coming Soon: The Space Cat

When Periwinkle the Space Cat is uprooted from his cushy pampered life and moves with his family to Nigeria for a year, he must navigate a new part of the Earth where humans hate cats and there may be aliens.

A graphic novel by the team that brought you the Eisner and Hugo Award-winning graphic novel LaGuardia

Written by Nnedi Okorafor
Illustrated by Tana Ford
Published by First Second Books (pub date TBA)


Africanfuturism is concerned with visions of the future, is interested in technology, leaves the earth, skews optimistic, is centered on and predominantly written by people of African descent (black people) and it is rooted first and foremost in Africa. It's less concerned with "what could have been" and more concerned with "what is and can/will be". It acknowledges, grapples with and carries "what has been".

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Just finished the Binti trilogy by @Nnedi Lovely read.
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Oh dear lord, they put Freddy Kruger in Stranger Things, 🫣. I recognized him IMMEDIATELY, 😰. To this day, I CANNOT watch those movies anymore, especially the first and second, lol. Can’t even speak their titles, lol.
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This tweet went bonkers, lol. Now, for another few days, along with agreement and affirming comments, I get to deal with the trolls, bots and buttheads. “Wah, you’re PhD this and that!” “Myaaah, the Bible says this and that!”, “Pbbbbb, a fetus is alive blah blah”, look at my American flag in my name because I’m sooooo patriotic and that’s...
nnediokorafor2 weeks ago
New tattoo! My daughter wanted one for her birthday, so I figured I’d also gift myself with one on the day I gave birth to her. If you’ve read any of the #NsibidiScriptsSeries…it’s a ghosthopper, 😃. The pain was, of course, nowhere near what I experienced 19 years ago, 😏. Shoutout to @artworkbyq. You rocked this! 😊🙏🏾 #nnediokorafor...
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πŸ₯³! Happy Birthday to my magnificent daughter Anyaugo Okorafor (@anyaugo). Keep laughing, seeing and reaching, and keep it moving, ❀️. πŸ¦…πŸ‘ #anyaokorafor #nnediokorafor
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I’ve been quiet because I’m deep in this new novel I’ve found myself writing. It’s amazing how I just started out messing around between my film and TV projects and, now years later, it’s pushing 106,000 words, has a title and I know its entire shape. It’s alive and magnificent. My agent has read the first 70 pages and said...
nnediokorafor3 weeks ago
Signed and adorned a few more copies for @afriwarebooks. The deluxe edition of LaGuardia, Akata Woman and the new Black Panther collection in which I wrote the forward. These are already sold, heh. I do these rarely (was just in Chicago) and you kinda have to be on the mailing list or hang out on the site to know...
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✨πŸͺπŸŒͺπŸ¦‹πŸ¦‚πŸ¦‰πŸœπŸ‘½πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ±πŸ•·πŸšπŸŒ»πŸŒžπŸ«’πŸš€πŸŒ¬πŸ”₯ #nnediokorafor #nnedimmankemdiliokorafor #nnedimma #nnedi #africanfuturism #africanjujuism #NoorNovel #NsibidiScriptsSeries